“The voice of microorganisms, bringing together regional and national societies of microbiology through the world”

IUMS aligns microbiological societies to raise the awareness of the importance of microorganisms to sustain every form of life in the planet preserving the global microbial diversity.

The International Union of Microbiological Societies consists of three Divisions:



The objectives of IUMS are:

  • to promote the study of microbiological sciences internationally;
  • to initiate, facilitate and coordinate research and other scientific activities which involve international cooperation;
  • to ensure the discussion and dissemination of the results of international conferences, symposia and meetings and assist in the publication of their reports;
  • to represent microbiological sciences in ISC and maintain contact with other international organizations;
  • to connect scientists working on different division of microbiology;
  • to propose actions to support the IUMS mission.

New action of IUMS

IUMS is deeply worried about the loss of diversity of the microbial world and published a paper entitled “Save the Microbes to save the Planet” which is a call to action to mobilize all microbiological societies globally to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by promoting the development of sustainable solutions to control infectious agents whilepreserving the global microbial biodiversity and the healthy life of our planet.

  • President: Rino Rappuoli
  • Vice President: Antonio Ventosa
  • President Elect: Paul R. Young
  • Secretary General: Robert A. Samson

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