Steering Committee

The Steering Committee gathers representatives of the international scientific unions and international scientific organizations that support IYBSSD 2022. This committee is in charge of the overall management of the International Year. It coordinates and organizes the international program. Within it, the Executive Committee ensures the effective day-to-day management.

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Executive Committee

President's schedule

What is the president of IYBSSD 2022 Steering Committee doing?

International advisory committee

The International Advisory Committee gathers national and regional learned societies and scientific organizations who want to contribute to IYBSSD 2022 within their area of influence. They make proposals on the IYBSSD 2022 international program and they implement IYBSSD 2022 activities by taking into account needs and characteristics of the different countries and regions. Especially they are at the core of national IYBSSD 2022 committees.

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