“The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts is the highest scientific and artistic institution in the Republic of Croatia.”

The main tasks of the Academy are as follows:

  1. The Academy promotes and organizes scientific research and encourages the application of the findings of this research, develops artistic and cultural activities, and is concemed with Croatian cultural heritage and its affirmation throughout the world;
  2. It publishes the results of scientific research and artistic creation;
  3. It makes proposals and gives its opinion on the promotion of sciences and arts in the fields which are of special importance to the Republic of Croatia.

The Croatian Academy’s scientific and artistic activities are carried out through its nine departments, as well as through its scientific councils and committees, and scientific and research units (institutes). The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts collaborates with other academies of sciences and arts, universities, scientific institutions, state bodies, cultural and other institutions, as well as with individual scholars and artists from Croatia and abroad.

  • President: Velimir Neidhardt
  • Vice President: Davor Miličić
  • Vice President: Frano Parać
  • Secretary General: Dario Vretenar

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