“If what we do is not useful, glory is in vain.”

The Lisbon Academy of Sciences is one of the oldest continuously existing national scientific institutions. It was founded on 24 December 1779, during the reign of Queen Maria I.


Under the terms of its Statutes, the Lisbon Academy of Sciences is responsible for:

  • promoting scientific research and divulging its results;
  • fostering the study of the History of Portugal and its relations with other peoples;
  • fostering the enrichment of thought, literature, language and other sources of national science and culture;
  • contributing to the development of science and the cultural progress of the country;
  • providing the Portuguese Government with advice on linguistic and scientific matters of national interest, coordinating its action with the Brazilian Academy of Letters and with the network of European and world academies, with special attention to those of Portuguese-speaking countries and to Portuguese centres abroad;
  • contributing to the information, knowledge and wisdom society, with a view to enhancing the Portuguese participation in globalization.
  • President: Carlos Eduardo do Rego da Costa Salema
  • Vice President: Jorge Barbosa Gaspar
  • Secretary General: Maria Salomé Soares Pais Telles Antunes

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