“The development, representation and advancement of psychology as a basic and applied science nationally, regionally, and internationally”


  1. To enhance and promote the development of the science and profession of psychology.
  2. To exchange ideas and scientific information between psychologists of different countries.
  3. To organize the International Congresses of Psychology and other meetings on subjects of general or special interest in psychology.
  4. To contribute to psychological knowledge through publishing activities.
  5. To foster the exchange of publications and other communications among different countries.
  6. To foster excellence in standards for education, training, research and the applications of psychology.
  7. To enable the development of psychological scientists and national associations through capacity building activities.
  8. To foster international exchange, especially among students and young researchers.
  9. To collaborate with other international, regional, and national organizations in matters of mutual interest.


The main activities of the IUPsyS focus on fostering the development of the science and practice of psychology. These include:

  • Sponsoring the flagship quadrennial International Congresses of Psychology (ICP).
  • Publishing The International Journal of Psychology; a book series, the IUPsyS Newsletter, and the monthly Bulletin, as well as Proceedings of the International Congresses; the International Handbook of Psychological Science; the History of the Union, and various occasional publications.
  • Organizing or co-sponsoring Regional Conferences of Psychology, aimed at promoting psychology and addressing psychological issues and themes of special relevance to the region.  Regional conferences are held in cooperation with other international organizations.
  • Sponsoring and accomplishing projects that foster the development of the science and practice of psychology, such as the workshop on psychology education and training (2012), and that promote international and professional cooperation.  These have included national and regional capacity building workshops. Associated with the IUPsyS’ International Congresses of Psychology and regional conferences are capacity-builging events for psychologists from low income countries, emerging psychologists and early career psychologists.
  • Hosting the global information source Psychological Resources Around the World.
  • Developing international and regional networks to facilitate international and professional cooperation.
  • Serving IUPsyS National Members through publications, information dissemination, programs of events, and development of support and guidelines.
  • Serving the discipline of psychology and development of its common core by working to develop guidelines in areas of education and training, ethics and the responsible conduct of research and professional practice, as well as granting “Awards” to support the discipline by giving public appreciation to excellent scientists and their work.
  • Providing access to the IUPsyS archives is another service to the discipline.
  • Participating in major international organizations.
  • President: Germán Gutiérrez
  • Past President: Pam Maras
  • Secretary General: Ava Thompson
  • Treasurer: Amanda Clinton

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