“Nigerian Academy of Sciences is uniquely positioned to bring scientific knowledge to bear on the policies and strategic direction of the country”

The Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) is the foremost independent scientific body in Nigeria. NAS is uniquely positioned to bring scientific knowledge to bear on the policies/strategic direction of the country and is also dedicated to the development and advancement of science, technology, and innovation in Nigeria.

NAS is a national not-for-profit organisation with membership elected through a highly competitive process, who has distinguished themselves in their fields both locally and internationally. Some of its members have served as Vice-Chancellors of universities, Directors-General of government parastatals and Ministers in federal ministries. The Academy, given its clout, also has the ability to attract other experts from around the country and internationally when needed. NAS, with its combination of expertise and independence, is uniquely positioned to bring scientific evidence to bear on policies and program implementation in the country.

NAS is Nigeria’s national representative on such bodies as the International Science Council – the umbrella body for all science associations and unions – and the Inter-Academy Partnership – the umbrella body for all national science academies globally. The Academy is also a member of the Executive Committees of the Inter-Academy Medical Panel (IAMP) and the Network of African Science Academies.

Some recent accomplishments of NAS include:

  • the development of a training manual on getting research into policy and practice;
  • the organization of an international conference on climate change in Lagos;
  • implementation of a project on linking agriculture and nutrition;
  • the organization of a national consensus building workshop on the prevention of maternal and child mortality in Nigeria;
  • convening a roundtable meeting to discuss the issues related to the Ebola Virus Disease epidemic that recently affected the country and the West African region.
  • President: Mosto Onuoha
  • Vice President: Abubakar Sambo
  • President Elect: Ekanem Braide

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