“Brings together materials researchers to enhance international cooperation and further enhance materials science and engineering globally”

The International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) brings together materials researchers into an interdisciplinary Union to enhance international cooperation and further enhance materials science and engineering globally.

IUMRS seeks to:

  • facilitate international cooperation and information exchange among materials research organizations;
  • advance multidisciplinary materials research in all its aspects;
  • promote communication of international materials research activities through appropriate media;
  • coordinate, develop, promote and encourage several series of distinguished international conferences, workshops and outreach activities;
  • promote materials science education worldwide.

IUMRS is also committed to ensuring broad representation in all its objectives and strives for best practise in gender equity, diversity and inclusiveness in its membership, activities, events, programs, and services.

IUMRS membership is through Adhering Bodies that represent geographical regions or countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

There are currently five IUMRS Commissions that have specific roles:

  • Meetings and Conferences;
  • Membership Affairs;
  • Publications;
  • Awards;
  • Development.

IUMRS runs five international meetings:

  • International Conference on Advanced Materials (biennial);
  • International Conference on Electronic Materials (biennial);
  • International Conference in Asia (cycles annually around Asian Adhering Bodies);
  • International Conference for Young Researchers in Advanced Materials (biennial);
  • World Materials Summit (held periodically).

IUMRS’s major awards are:

  • the Somiya award for global materials collaboration;
  • the IUMRS – MRS Singapore Young Researcher Award;
  • the Global Leadership and Service Award

There are also student awards at IUMRS-sponsored meetings and conferences.

IUMRS strongly supports basic science research and education under the broad banner of materials science, a discipline that is massively interdisciplinary, involving physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, biomedicine and engineering.  Hence, IUMRS fully embraces the IYBSSD in 2022, and seeks to work collaboratively with other Unions in partnership to make it a huge success. Through its Meeting Commission members, IUMRS can play an important role in planning and organising events, as well as promoting IYBSSD through IUMRS communications channels and its Adhering Bodies. IUMRS will also plan to hold special events or forums highlighting different aspects of ‘basic science for all’ at its sponsored conferences held in 2022.

IUMRS is committed to enhancing global education in materials science and believe it can contribute to initiatives in basic science education during IYBSSD.

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