“An organization that, through science, contributes significantly to the progress and welfare of society.”

Purpose and Objectives

The Academy of Medical, Physical and Natural Sciences is a scientific entity created for the dissemination of science, the development of scientific research and the incorporation of universal knowledge necessary for human progress, in the cultural sphere of the country.

The objectives of the Academy of Medical, Physical and Natural Sciences are as follows:

    1. to promote, coordinate and support scientific and technological research;
    2. to welcome persons interested in scientific knowledge;
    3. to disseminate by all means available the fruits of the acquisitions obtained through its activities and new scientific and technological discoveries;
    4. to defend the intellectual and moral prestige and economic security of all persons who practice science for the benefit of human progress;
    5. to promote ethics and professional improvement.

Main Contributions of the Academy

The Guatemalan Academy of Medical, Physical and Natural Sciences has made important contributions to Guatemalan society. One of them is to welcome among its members the most outstanding people dedicated to science and to offer a meeting place to discuss scientific and technological issues.

In addition, it conceived and promoted an initiative before the National Constituent Assembly in 1985 to recognize the importance of science and technology as fundamental activities for the development of the State of Guatemala. This initiative was embodied in Article 80 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala, with which the State of Guatemala recognizes and promotes science and technology as a fundamental basis for the development of the country.

Subsequently, the Academy participated jointly with representatives of the universities, the private sector and the political sector to give life to the provisions of Article 80 of the Constitution. The Congress of the Republic of Guatemala promulgated Decree No. 63-91, Law for the Promotion of National Scientific and Technological Development, which created the National System of Science and Technology.

The Academy, through its president, is represented in the National Council for Science and Technology, which has enabled it to participate in decision-making in the orientation of the policy and national plans for scientific and technological development

Also through a cooperation agreement, involving the Ministry of Education, the National Council for Science and Technology and the Academy, training activities are carried out for primary level teachers to promote science education in schools.

  • President: Edgar Oswaldo Franco Rivera
  • Vice President: Rodrigo José Vargas Rosales
  • Secretary: María Eunice Enríquez Cottón
  • Vice Secretary: María el Carmen Samayoa Grajeda

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