“In the modern world in the conditions of post-industrial development, the concentration and sale of intellectual capital are the main condition for development.”

Georgian National Academy of Sciences is one of the symbols of Georgian statehood, which symbolizes the intellectual sustainability of the nation.

The Academy of Sciences has the status of scientific advisor of the government of Georgia. All research institutes submit annual scientific reports to the Academy of Sciences. According to the law, the Academy carries out an expert assessment of the scientific activities of scientific structural units under different subordination. At present, the departments of the Academy and applied research commissions under the Presidium of the Academy, which cover many important areas of the science, have the function of scientific units. There are following commissions at the Presidium:

  • Permanent Commission for Study of National Issues;
  • Commission for Georgian Historical Sources;
  • Permanent Commission on Scientific Support in Land Fund Management;
  • Commission for Studying the History of Religion and Christian Theology;
  • Commission for the Study of the Topical Issues of Medicine in Georgia;
  • Commission studying the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear safety issues;
  • Interdepartmental Commission for Natural Resources Protection and Rational Use;
  • Commission for Study of Natural Disasters;
  • Commission for Study of the population of Georgia (Caucasus);
  • Commission for Integrated Study of Georgia’s Highlands;
  • Coordinating Commission for the History of Natural Sciences and Techniques;
  • Commission studying the issues of the development of transplantology in Georgia.

Currently there are 64 academicians and 24 corresponding members at the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia.

There are nine scientific departments  at the Academy:

  • Department of Mathematics and Physics
  • Department of Earth Sciences
  • Department of Applied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Management
  • Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • Department of Physiology and Medicine
  • Department of Agricultural Sciences
  • Department of Social Sciences
  • Department of Language, Literature and Art

The scientific structural units of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia are:

  • I. Abashidze Main Scientific Editorial Board Georgian Encyclopedia
  • G.Tsereteli Committee for Academic Edition of The Knight in the Panther’s Skin and Thesaurus of the Georgian Language
  • Council of Young Scientists at the Academic Council of the NAS of Georgia
  • President: Giorgi Kvesitadze
  • Vice President: Roin Metreveli
  • Secretary: Ramaz Khurodze

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