“For the promotion of the scholarly application of all aspects of science and technology for national development”

The Kenya National Academy of Sciences (KNAS) is a learned, non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making body.

Its fundamental aim is to cooperate and collaborate with the Government of Kenya, other scientific organizations and the general public in the mobilization of the scientific community in Kenya for the promotion of the scholarly application of all aspects of science and technology for national development.


To mobilize the science community in the creation, maintenance and advancement of knowledge in all fields of human endeavor, to effectively inform policy, build capacity in research and innovation, and provide solutions to improve quality of life.


To be a world class national professional organization for the promotion and effective utilization of science, technology and innovation for sustainable development.


  • Publications: the National Academy Publications aims at stimulating scientific research and promoting exchange of knowledge by providing a regular forum for the dissemination of research findings. In addition, it intends to popularize technology and the sciences through publications suitable for the general public;
  • Meetings: the Academy participates or collaborates in the organization of scientific meetings inside and outside Kenya. It also arranges visits for scientists from other countries to Kenya and vice versa in the effort to establish and maintain association and relations between Kenyan scientists and the international scientific community;
  • Congress and workshops: the Academy contributes towards the organization of Kenya Science Congress and its members participate in these events. It hosts conferences and encourages the promotion and hosting of conferences and workshops;
  • Public lecture series: the Academy organizes lectures by its fellows and members. Besides reviewing and analyzing development in the sciences, the lectures address related policy and operational implications and make appropriate recommendation. Distinguished scholars are invited to participate;
  • Research projects: the Academy administers or helps in administering funds for purposes of scientific and technological research and suggests ways in which scientific projects in Kenya may be instituted, carried out or revised. In collaborations with the private sector or other organizations with similar objectives, the Academy undertakes research projects, which address themselves to topical and specific issues in an effort to generate practical solutions.
  • Chairman: Raphael M. Munavu
  • Secretary: Ratemo Michieka
  • Treasurer: Josephine Ngaira

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