“To promote excellence and relevance in science and technology and to provide advice to the government”

The Academy produces robust forum and committee advisory documents and reports on priority problems and issues and delivers them to policy and decision-makers and the public. The independence, highly qualified membership, multidisciplinary composition, and rigorous procedures for objective and unbiased analysis enable the Academy to effectively deliver credible advice.

The vision of the Cameroon Academy of Sciences is to be the prime mover of science and technology- synthesis of scientific knowledge and making it available to decision and policymakers about investments and priorities in science and technology and promoting the use of science and innovation in the economic, social, and cultural development of Cameroon.

Core values

  1. Quality of fellowship and Academy products.
  2. Objectivity of documents, reports, and opinions
  3. Integrity of documents, reports, and opinions supported by evidence
  4. Independence from pressure groups — public or private
  5. Relevance to the problems of the society

Specific objectives

The main goal of the Academy is to promote the progress of science, technology, and innovation for the economic, social, and cultural development of Cameroon
Specific objectives to achieve this goal include the following:

  • Promoting research and technological training at the highest level;
  • Advising the national government and other national and international policy makers on issues related to science and technology in the service of humanity;
  • Popularising science and technology in culture;
  • Contributing to the defence of science and the francise of scientists;
  • Developing scientific and technological relations with the private and public sectors of the national economy;
  • Promoting scientific and technological cooperation at the international level;

The Academy has 87 members (76 men and 11 women) who are divided into the Colleges of Biological Sciences (35), Mathematical and Physical Sciences (25), and Social Sciences (25).



  • President: Beban Sammy Chumbow
  • 1st Vice President: Jeanne Yonkeu Ngogang
  • 2nd Vice President: Kofane Timoleon Crepin
  • Executive Secretary: Mbah David Akuro
  • Assistant Executive Secretary: E. Manguelle-Dicom
  • Treasurer: Vincent Ngwang Tanya

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