“Let’s act for all of science, for all Africa”

The Association for the Scientific Promotion of Africa (APSA) organizes events and competitions to stimulate the scientific development of Africa by Africans.
It regularly brings together young African scientists working in France. It contributes to the financing of scientific schools and conferences in Africa.

The Rencontres des Jeunes Chercheurs Africains en France are held every two years at the Institut Henri Poincaré.

APSA organizes a “Africa Experimental Physics Challenge”, focused on Cameroon.

APSA launched the “APSA AWards”.

APSA helps manage the Ibni Oumar Mahamat Saleh Award and can collect donations for this award.

APSA supports the Master 2 PSAV, Probability, Statistics and Applications to Life in Abidjan and can collect donations for scholarships for students in this Master.

  • President: Annick Suzor-Weiner
  • General Secretary: Odette Fokapu

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