“To promote at a higher level the cultivation of mathematical and natural sciences”


  • To sponsor and help pure or applied scientific research;
  • To disseminate scientific knowledge through conferences and forums, the publication of books, brochures or magazines and the formation of a library specialized in science;
  • To create prizes and incentives for scientific research and publications, to sponsor the meeting of congresses of this nature;
  • To sponsor the sending abroad of teachers, researchers and professionals for the purpose of study and improvement, and to create scholarships for these purposes.
  • To collect information on general progress and research in the sciences, for the application of these to the country’s problems, and their dissemination through secondary and higher education.
The Chilean Academy of Sciences supports young scientists, especially young women researchers:
  • it awards yearly two prizes for the best PhD thesis, in natural and exact sciences, respectively;
  • it awards two prizes per year to outstanding women up to 40 years of age, in natural and exact sciences respectively;
  • it elects 15 young outstanding scientists for 3-year periods to form part of a group called Frontiers Science.
  • President: María Cecilia Hidalgo
  • Vice President: Bernabé Santelices
  • Vice President: Mario Hamuy
  • Secretary: Francisco Herve
  • Treasurer: Carlos Conca
  • Deputy Secretary: Rosalba Lagos Mónaco

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