“An independent learned society, whose purpose is to advise public authorities in the choice of their policies, particularly in the field of science and technology”

The National Academy of Sciences and Techniques of Senegal is a non-profit learned society under the patronage and protection of the Head of State.

The purpose of the Academy is:

  • to assist, to advise the Senegalese State and the Public and Private Institutions within the framework of the definition and the implementation of the National Policy as regards Science and Technology;
  • to encourage scientific research, to initiate, impulse and develop programs in the fields of Science and Technology;
  • to contribute to the promotion and valorization of research results;
  • To encourage scientific vocations among young people and women;
  • to facilitate exchanges with similar organizations;
  • to award prizes and fellowships to individuals who have particularly distinguished themselves through their work;
  • to contribute to the development of scientific culture and the rapprochement between Science and Society.

To achieve its missions and goals, the Academy develops a Strategic Plan and implements work programs addressing the following themes:

  • Science, Technology and Society.
    • raising awareness among high authorities and the general public on the impact of science and technology on sustainable development;
    • scientific explanations of natural or societal phenomena for the general public;
    • scientific and technological culture.
  • Scientific and Technological Innovation and Development.
    • technological innovation strategy, both at the national and corporate level;
    • promotion of invention and innovation;
    • valorization of research results;
    • technological innovation and social welfare;
    • technology survey (threats or opportunities).
  • Scientific and Technical Cooperation and Integration.
    • encouraging the development of networks or national research networks or systems;
    • development, thematic or interdisciplinary;
    • collaboration and partnerships with other learned societies and foreign national scientific organizations.
  • President: Doudou Ba
  • Vice President: Mamadou Ndoye
  • Vice President: Rokhaya Sene
  • Vice President: Mousssa Bakhayokho
  • Vice President: Yaye Kène Gassama
  • Perpetual Secretary: Oumar Sock

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