“A real scientific forum of devotion, an authentic institution of research and creation”

The Academy of Sciences develops its activity according to the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, the Code on Science and Innovation, the Partnership Agreement with the Government of the country, its Statute and other legislative and normative documents.

During its development A.S.M. has become a real scientific forum of devotion, an authentic institution of research and creation. At present, the academic corps of the Academy of Sciences brings together 45 Full Members (Academicians), 28 Corresponding Members and 47 Honorary Members. Within the framework of the A.S.M. there are institutions that carry out fundamental, applicative scientific researches and activities of innovation and technologic transfer, which results are materialized in new scientific knowledge, technological and technical elaborations, capitalization of the national patrimony, promotion of scientific and cultural values on a national and world level, training of scientific personnel of high qualification.

The Academy of Sciences collaborates with universities, research institutes, public associations and other research and innovation institutions.

The Academy of Sciences promotes access to the regional, European and international technological platforms for using the research and innovation infrastructure.

  • President: Ion Tighineanu
  • Vice President: Boris Gaina
  • Vice President: Svetlana Cojocaru
  • Vice President: Victor Moraru
  • General Scientific Secretary: Liliana Condraticova

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