Royal Society Te Apārangi

“An Aotearoa New Zealand enriched by exploring, discovering and sharing knowledge.”


The Royal Society Te Apārangi supports New Zealanders to explore, discover and share knowledge.

To prepare for our biggest challenges, we need evidence based information that will help us to understand the issues and make good decisions on what to do. This is why exploring and creating knowledge, sharing that knowledge and celebrating it has been, and always will be, critical to a thriving New Zealand.

The Royal Society Te Apārangi does this through public outreach, education, and by supporting the research community. It also provides advice and information to government and the public on issues of public concern.

It celebrates those at the top of their fields with medals, awards and prizes; and provides standards of ethics and professional behaviour which its members have to abide by.

Its experts are brought together to make transparent, effective decisions about who gets research funding and access to learning opportunities. They also help provide evidence based independent advice to the public and government.


The Royal Society Te Apārangi advances and promotes research and scholarly activity, the pursuit of knowledge.

Its act talks about science, technology and humanities. In practice that includes engineering, applied science, and social sciences; and effectively the pursuit of knowledge in general.

It fosters a culture that supports science, technology, and the humanities by:

  • raising public awareness, knowledge, and understanding
  • advancing education.

It will encourage, promote, and recognise excellence.

It supports infrastructure for professional development.

It maintains a Code of Professional Standards and Ethics.

It provides expert advice on important public issues.


  • Open and inclusive
  • Independent
  • Trustworthy
  • Inspiring
  • Knowledgeable

Themes for driving change

  • Embracing diversity in all the Royal Society Te Apārangi does
  • Partnering with Māori research communities to enhance Māori research, Māori researchers and Mātauranga Māori
  • Engaging early and mid-career researchers and scholars
  • Engaging  the innovation community
  • Reshaping governance
  • Diversifying income
  • President: Wendy Larner
  • Chair of Academy Executive Committee: Richard Blaikie
  • Deputy Chair of the Academy Executive Committee: Tony Conner
  • Chief Executive: Andrew Cleland

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