“The Academy of Sciences of Albania is an autonomous institution in the field of research that supports its activity with scientific evidence, working towards the national interests.”

The Academy of Sciences of Albania is the highest public institution which represents the best values of science and scientific research, of creativity, of debate, and of the interaction of the scientific thought in the country, through an elected assembly of scientists and scholars.

Roles and functions

  • To contribute to and to promote the achievements of scientific research and to propose new scientific and study fields in line with the necessary priorities for the development of the country.
  • To develop strategies and to implement policies for the standard use of the official Albanian language, of contemporary scientific and technical terminology, and for the consolidation of the Albanian language in all fields of science.
  • To advise and to assist the government and main institutions with recommendations, expertise, and arguments regarding important aspects of scientific research, the training of higher level specialists, and the planning of future projects.
  • To contribute to the promotion and continuous support of young researchers.
  • To encourage and to lead the creation of individual research units and the development of strategies for the advancement of science and scientific research.
  • To promote, to publish, and to disseminate the new international standards of scientific research and innovation, and to guarantee their observance in the assessment of scientific research work and of ethics in science, and for the support of study or research programs.
  • To publish journals and other works with a high level of scientific impact.
  • To collaborate with other research institutions in the country, such as institutions of higher education and research centers, with the purpose of coordinating scientific research and training young researchers.
  • To collaborate with its correspondent institutions abroad to promote achievements and to participate in joint projects, in the frame of scientific diplomacy, and to represent the Albanian scientific community on an international scale.
  • To organize scientific congresses, conferences, and symposiums on a national and international scale. 12.To preserve, to document, and to transmit the academic heritage through the publication of summaries of the works of the most distinguished personalities; and by organizing activities, fairs, and museums in accordance with the respective legislation.
  • To propose methods and criteria for the objective measurement and assessment of the quality of contributions to the process of scientific research to the relevant ministries, Parliamentary Commissions, or Council of Ministers.
  • To define, in collaboration with the ministry responsible for science, the main fields and subfields for doctoral scientific research. To analyze the achievements and problems of these research works
  • To encourage the development of interdisciplinary research programs as a priority of academic research, and to protect its deontology.
  • To promote the national identity by maintaining a closer collaboration with the Albanian academies in the region.
  • To develop strategies and to implement policies for the development of Albanian studies and for the promotion of their achievements at home and abroad.
  • To develop strategies and to implement policies for the standard usage of Albanian language in official functions.
  • To ensure that the elections of Assembly members are carried out in accordance with the principle of gender equality, aiming for a progressive representation of the gender balance.
  • President: Skënder Gjinushi
  • Chairman of the Albanological Social Sciences Section: Floresha Dado
  • Chairman of the Section of Technical and Natural Sciences: Neki Frashëri

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