“Converging the World’s Talents, Creating a Better Future”

The World Youth Scientist Summit (WYSS) is an annual academic event for the world’s high-level young talents jointly initiated and sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government. The Summit has received positive responses from more than 20 international science and technology organizations. The Summit is themed by “Converging the World’s Talents, Creating a Better Future”. The first two summits were held with a great success in Wenzhou, China in 2019 and 2020, and Chinese President Xi Jinping and UN Secretary-General Guterres sent their congratulatory message to the two summits respectively.

The World Young Scientist Summit is committed to building an open exchange platform, striving to enable more young scientists to exchange ideas and learn from each other, so as to display their ambitions and achieve their dreams. Through the successful holding of the two summits, Wenzhou, China, where the summit is held, has set up a World Young Scientists Venture Fund with a total scale of RMB 2 billion, a World Young Scientists Business Incubator of 43,000 sq.m. and a Business Development Park for World Young Scientists of 500 mu, and is building a Innovation and Entrepreneurship Town and a Academic Center. Through open exchanges and innovative cooperation, the Summit will promote the cooperation of young scientists, scientists and entrepreneurs from worldwide for mutual benefit and win-win results.

The 2019 World Young Scientist Summit has carried out 13 core sub-activities and 22 extension activities, including the dialogue between top scientists and young scientists, the Global Young Scientist Scholar Roundtable, the Sino-European Sustainable Development for Future Community Symposium, and the Future Youth Roundtable. A total of 800 representatives from 85 countries and regions and 17 international scientific and technological organizations attended the summit, including 4 Nobel Prize winners, 1 Turing Prize winner and 109 Chinese and foreign academicians.

World Young Scientist Summit 2020 has carried out 15 main activities and dozens of satellite activities, including the Global Young Scientist Scholar Roundtable, the International Young Woman Scientists Forum, the Sino-Foreign University Presidents Roundtable, the International Forum on Comprehensive Health Care, the Future Energy Forum, the International Symposium of Resilient City, the Inter-World-View Series, and the University Startup World Cup Global Final Program. A total of nearly 10,000 young scientific and technological workers from 96 countries, 29 international scientific and technological organizations and thousands of universities participated in related activities, and nearly 400 scientists including 10 Nobel Prize winners such as Gregg L. Semenza and Ada Yonath made special reports.

The World Summit of Young Scientists aims to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, vigorously unite outstanding young scientists worldwide, integrate young talents from industry, finance and art sectors, stimulate scientific and technological innovation, multilateralism and entrepreneurship, enhance dialogue, action and change, and pool confidence, wisdom and strength, in a bid to meet major global challenges and create a better future for mankind.

  • Executive Secretary: Meng Wang

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