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The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada funds visionaries, explorers and innovators who are searching for the scientific and technical breakthroughs that will benefit our country. It is Canada’s largest supporter of discovery and innovation. It works with universities, colleges, businesses and not-for-profits to remove barriers, develop opportunities and attract new expertise to make Canada’s research community thrive. It gives Canadian scientists and engineers the means to go further because it believes in research without borders and beyond frontiers.

Investing in discoverers

Discovery is the foundation of all scientific advancements, and NSERC’s largest area of investment. It backs people with bold, promising ideas and give them the freedom to explore when their research points them in exciting, unexpected directions. It encourages young talent and creates unparalleled training opportunities for the next generation of scientists and engineers. It forges international collaborations that connect Canadian researchers to the global network of ideas, and attract the world’s brightest minds to the country to increase the impact of science, technology and innovation in Canada.

Partnering with innovators

NSERC helps organizations of all sizes tap into the talent and technology at Canada’s universities and colleges. Researchers offer partners innovative ideas, specialized laboratories and highly trained students who are ready to launch their careers. Partners provide researchers with new perspectives, market knowledge and pathways to commercialization. Together, they turn scientific and technical breakthroughs into benefits for Canadians.

Empowering through science

NSERC encourages Canadians to embrace a STEM mindset, so they can grow up curious and critical of the world around them. It popularizes science culture by supporting museums, libraries and not-for-profits putting on activities for youth and families that promote STEM as an important part of their lives. It works closely with the research community to make science and engineering more equitable, diverse and inclusive. NSERC wants all Canadians to see themselves as discoverers and innovators.

  • President: Alejandro Adem
  • Associate Vice-President, Research Partnerships: Manal Bahubeshi
  • Vice-President, Research Partnerships: Marc Fortin
  • Vice-President, Strategic, Corporate and Public Affairs: Marc Gervais
  • Vice-President, Research Grants and Scholarships Directorate: Danika Goosney
  • Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President of the Common Administrative Services Directorate: Dominique Osterrath

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