“To support and disseminate a scientific, technological and cultural development in the Sustainable Development”

Aims of the foundation

  • to promote the development of the scientific education and the dissemination, both nationally and internationally, of the knowledge of chemical, physical and environmental sciences and the disciplines that deal with sustainability, promoting it, with particular regard to green chemistry and their applications;
  • to support and disseminate a scientific, technological and cultural development in the Sustainable Development, according to the 17 United Nations goals, in the use of renewable resources, energy saving, clean processes and products, with low or no environmental impact, not harmful to health and green solutions against climate change;
  • to promote fund raising and call for contributions by natural and legal persons, public or private, to achieve the Foundation’s goals;
  • to promote initiatives to support the transfer of research results, the protection of intellectual property and the emergence of new entrepreneurs;
  • to promote or participate to companies, consortia, associations or foundations that share the purposes of the Foundation, as well as organizations dealing with research, advanced training and technology transfer, both in Italy and abroad, including limited companies supporting these structures. In case of participation to limited companies,the Foundation’s share cannot exceed the 50% of the share capital;
  • to promote the involvement of public or private, local,national, EU, foreign or international entities in the pursuit of the Foundation’s aims;
  • to encourage the internationalisation of educational andresearch activities through the management of appropriate services and the participationin joint initiatives with other stakeholders, public or private, national, EU or international.


  • To promote and manage complementary and ancillary services to the Foundation’s activities, through the provision of scholarships and the projects funding, in particular international grants; a special attention will be given to Sub-Saharan African Continent;
  • to announce and organize national and international conferences and conventions,advanced training such as Summer School, International thematic forums and workshops, also in collaboration with other private and public institutions;
  • to publish books and magazines with its own ISBN code;
  • to implement industrial-funded research projects through the Foundation;
  • to make and coordinate consultations and agreements with Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations;
  • to set up and operate laboratories or research centres also together with other public or private entities;
  • to promote and support activities of scientific and cultural cooperation between the Foundation and other national, EU or international institutions;
  • to manage goods or buildings belonging or managed by the Foundation;
  • participate, on the basis of appropriate conventions, in the operational management of scientific and/or technological structures of other foundations,structures and research entities;
  • enter into agreements or contracts with other private parties, either public or private;
  • promote and organise the public and private fund raising and the call for local, national, European and international public and private contributions for the Foundation’s purposes.

The Foundation facilitates the participation of both public authorities or administrations and private entities, developing and increasing the necessary network of national and international relations to achieve its goals.

  • President: Pietro Tundo

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