“Since 1993, Rencontres du Vietnam has implemented and developed a large programme for Science and Education in Vietnam.”

Rencontres du Vietnam has organized fifteen Rencontres du Vietnam between 1993 and 2019 with the aim of helping Vietnamese scientists and those of the Pacific-Asian world to establish contacts and exchanges with colleagues of the West, including many Nobel Laureates.

Rencontres du Vietnam has also organized Thematic Schools in Vietnam since 1994, including the Vietnam School of Physics Series. 50 students from Asian countries attended each year the courses with 10 to 15 professors from Europe, Japan, India, USA ,etc.

With the will to bring science to a larger public, Rencontres du Vietnam has also overseen conferences for the general public with well-known speakers such as Georges Charpak, James Cronin, Jerome Friedman, Norman Ramsey, George Smoot and Klaus Von Klitzing among many Nobel Laureates, as well as Axel Kahn, Hubert Reeves, Trinh Xuan Thuan, Pierre Léna,…

Together with Leon Lederman and Georges Charpak, we have also introduced the “hands-on” method of instruction to Vietnam, and in collaboration with French Teacher-Training Colleges, has constructed a network of more than 1,000 teachers trained in this method.

Lastly, since 2001, Rencontres du Vietnam has developed a successful programme of research and high school grants (Vallet Fellowships), donated to 20,000 young Vietnamese students, helping them to study in Vietnam and in foreign universities.

Cooperation with universities in Vietnam

Rencontres du Vietnam has initiated the following international cooperations with Universities in Vietnam:

  • Cooperation between Brown University and Hanoi Natural Science University (Chung I Tan).
  • Cooperation between French National Engineering schools (ENI) with Hue University: 2 first years in Hue followed by 3 years in one of the 6 ENI in France.
  • Cooperation between University of Quy Nhon and University of Marseille and University of Paris 7. A project of creating a medical school is in discussion between Université de Paris and University of Quy Nhon.

Other actions

Rencontres du Vietnam has initiated the following actions:

  • Visit of James Cronin (September 1994) and creation of the Pierre Auger group in Vietnam. Since 2000, Pierre Darriulat is the head of this group.
  • Collaboration between D-zero (Fermilab) and a group in Ho Chi Minh City (2000) initiated by Boaz Klima: Many (6-8) vietnamese students for PhD studies in USA.
  • Annual visit of Greg Landsberg for selecting vietnamese students for PhD in Brown and other universities (6 PhD graduated and 6 PhD students)
  • Vietnam School of Physics (in cooperation with IN2P3, France and CERN) selected every year students for CERN school of Particle Physics and for PhD studies in France and Europe. 8 or more are graduated. 10 PhD students. 5 are returned to teach or doing research in Vietnam.

Promote science and education with a fully-dedicated conference centre

As it is increasingly difficult to find adequate sites for the development of the Rencontres du Vietnam,  it has been decided to create a brand new Conference Centre at Quy Nhon: International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE).

Rencontres du Vietnam has access to a large network of Moriond, Blois scientists to aid in the scientific organization of the Centre, plus a selected support team to manage the Centre.

The experience and competence shown in the organization and management of the  Rencontres, as well as the helpful network of scientists from around the world, are living evidences of the favorable development of international Conferences and Colloquia at ICISE.

The Centre is open to welcome any active contribution from scientists around the world to allow it to fulfill its mission.

  • Director: Jean Tran Thanh Van
  • Vice Director: Thanh Son Tran

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