“Connect and empower younger chemists globally”

A long range goal of the International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN) is to expand on the four pillars of its mission statement. In order to communicate it aims to organize symposia at all IUPAC Congresses in the future, international conferences, and create a platform to connect young chemists. In the realm of collaboration, it believes that working directly with IUPAC and the interdisciplinary nature of the divisions and committees it can begin to have an influential voice for young chemists.

Education will be accomplished through conference fellowship awards, symposia organization (both physical and virtual), as well as bringing increased awareness through social media routes. Finally, IYCN will mentor by organizing programs for career development (including resume building, cover letter writing, and soft skills), creating an open access forum for chemists with questions to interact, and working with established chemists to develop its programming to provide career outlooks and advice.

The ability to reach young chemists on a virtual platform will help IYCN to have a wider range of impact of younger chemists around the world who do not have the ability to attend these conferences for a myriad of reasons.

​IYCN aims to be inclusive in every possible way, welcoming members from the scientific community on a global scale. One of its specific goals is to communicate the opportunity to join and develop this network to chemists in every country.

  • Chair: João Borges
  • Chair Elect: Torsten John
  • Secretary: Marilia Valli
  • Treasurer: Katharina Ehrmann

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