“The aim of the Academy is the development of the exact, physical and natural sciences, their applications and their teaching.”

Specific aims

  • recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to science;
  • encourage and support scientific research;
  • guide society in matters of national interest;
  • contribute to the popularization and appropriation of science as an element of culture and economic and social development;
  • cooperate in improving the teaching of the exact, physical and natural sciences at the various levels of education;
  • propose to the government and state bodies actions and policies for scientific and academic development;
  • seek to have its members represent it in science, technology, innovation and education bodies
  • respond to scientific consultations and requests made by such bodies;
  • establish and maintain relationships, institutionally or through its members, duly delegated, with national and international, public and private science, technology, innovation and education entities;
  • encourage communication and exchange of scholars with their peers in other national and international scientific communities and organizations;
  • develop mechanisms for participation in the activities and programs of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation;
  • collaborate with public and private entities in the construction and appropriation of scientific knowledge;
  • collaborate in the conservation, defense, and sustainable use of the country’s natural resources;
  • enter into agreements and contracts with public and private entities;
  • refrain from issuing concepts on topics that in its opinion are not strictly scientific in nature or when it considers that there are conflicts of interest.
  • President: Helena Groot
  • Vice President: Horacio Torres
  • General Secretary: Ana María Groot
  • Ex-President: Enrique Forero

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