Dance your SDG Research

Who ever said that SDG research should be boring? Enjoy the presentation that Samuli Junttila, from University of Helsinki, Finland, made about his research on health condition of trees in the context of climate change.

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Sharing the Passion about Science

The Global Young Academy (GYA) gathers 200 young scientists from all over the world (each member is elected for a 5 years period). They are all selected because they are brilliant scientists, but also because they want to enhance the role of science on the planet. Their programme is then totally coherent with IYBSSD 2022,…

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Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding (TROP-ICSU)

Together with the International Union for Quaternary Science (INQUA), IUBS is the leading scientific organisation in this project funded by the International Science Council for Science (ISC). Importance Understanding the dynamics of Earth’s ecosystem and identifying measures to sustain it for the future requires immediate action with multidisciplinary approaches. Research efforts to identify key factors…

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Projected distance from reaching selected targets by 2030 (at current trends)

Where are we with SDGs?

If we want to reach the 17 SDGs in 2030, as the UN General Assembly decided in 2015, we must know where we are regarding to the goals, and to the detailed targets, and on which trajectories we are. The report The future is now, published in september 2019 gives an evaluation. In some fields,…

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