West Africa’s First Female Astrophysicist

Last year, Marie Korsaga became the first female astrophysicist in West Africa after completing her PhD in astrophysics at South Africa’s University of Cape Town on the theme ‘The distribution of dark and visible matter in spiral and irregular galaxies’. It was the culmination of seven years of intense research. The Burkinabe says she had…

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Mathematics is Everywhere

On November 26th 2019, the 40th session of the General Conference of the UNESCO proclaimed March 14th as the International Day of Mathematics. The first official celebration will be on 14th March 2020 with the theme “Mathematics is everywhere”. The International Day of Mathematics (IDM) is a worldwide celebration. Each year on 14th March, all…

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The final declaration of the World Science Forum 2019 has been promulgated during the closing session held in the Hungarian House of Parliament. (Photo: WSF)

The World Science Forum 2019 supports IYBSSD

“We acknowledge that scientific freedom can only be respected by society if it is based on strict ethical principles. We call on the international scientific community to develop new standards for the fulfilment of academic freedom, and to create tools to describe, monitor and measure its integral conditions. We acknowledge the vital nature of curiosity-driven…

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HRH Princess Sumaya bint el Hassan at WSF 2019

Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan launches IYBSSD 2022

“What a wonderful time it is to be discussing this topic, as we celebrate the designation by the current UNESCO General Conference of 2022 as International Year of Basic Sciences for Development. Jordan was proud to champion this initiative with several partner nations, and many individuals who made this dream a reality are in this…

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