The Periodic Table Challenge is an online quiz produced by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

We propose a special IYBSSD edition of this challenge at the occasion of this 24-hour online event, with special prizes: all players names will be displayed on our website, and three winners (who would have answered correctly all questions) will be randomly chosen to receive a poster with the Periodic Table of the Elements signed by 13 chemistry Nobel laureates.

  • go to the Challenge homepage
  • select you language: there are seven of them (English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian)
  • select the level you want to play
  • choose the element that will represent you
  • fill the form with you name, e-mail, etc., in the “City” field, add “IYBSSD” to the name of your city
  • answer the questions
  • try again if you wish to

You can take the challenge alone, with your class, with a group of friends or colleagues.

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