International organizations and national laboratories play a crucial part in the fabric of the scientific community. As such they can play an important part in crisis management and sustainability.

Sciences for sustainability which, although progressing rapidly, is often characterized by scientific, thematic, geographical, and organizational fragmentation that must be overcome. There is an opportunity that Big Science can function as a catalysts of multilateral trust and cooperation, in collaboration with other sciences, humanities, and technology they can foster peace, justice and collaboration.

To facilitate change, quality education and gender equality is a necessary corner stone in any large organisation and strong institution.


  • Brendan Rouse, Environmental Officer, EMBL
  • Nigel Smith, Executive Director and CEO, TRIUMF
  • Galileo Violini, Science advisor of the government of the Dominican Republic
  • Sonja Kleiner, Environmental Protection Group, CERN
  • Claudio Melo, Sustainability and Diversity Officer, European Southern Observatory
  • Moderator: Jodi Cooley, SNOLAB, Canada

18:30 UTC, 5 June

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