The main topic of the panel will be structured around the following questions.

  • What special role can Big Science play in crisis management and sustainability?
  • What are the potential roles and opportunities for basic science in international organizations?
  • What are the challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities for your organization?
  • How do you see your organizations `green’ mandate fitting with your operational practices?


    • Brendan Rouse, Environmental Officer, EMBL
    • Nigel Smith, Executive Director and CEO, TRIUMF
    • Galileo Violini, Science advisor of the government of the Dominican Republic
    • Sonja Kleiner, Environmental Protection Group, CERN
    • Claudio Melo, Sustainability and Diversity Officer, European Southern Observatory
    • Moderator: Jodi Cooley, SNOLAB, Canada

18:30 UTC, 5 June

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