COVID-19 in Africa

As Africa braces for the full impact of the novel coronavirus, two TWAS Fellows who are experts in contagious diseases say key challenges include coordination, capacity and public hygiene.

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Already, in 2013…

“Global sustainable development, implying the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability, as well as the need to face the challenges of growing complexity, requires intense research efforts, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches.” This quote could be from the UNESCO resolution for IYBSSD 2022. It comes in fact from the final declaration of the 2013 Rio…

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Dance your SDG Research

Who ever said that SDG research should be boring? Enjoy the presentation that Samuli Junttila, from University of Helsinki, Finland, made about his research on health condition of trees in the context of climate change.

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Sharing the Passion about Science

The Global Young Academy (GYA) gathers 200 young scientists from all over the world (each member is elected for a 5 years period). They are all selected because they are brilliant scientists, but also because they want to enhance the role of science on the planet. Their programme is then totally coherent with IYBSSD 2022,…

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Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding (TROP-ICSU)

Together with the International Union for Quaternary Science (INQUA), IUBS is the leading scientific organisation in this project funded by the International Science Council for Science (ISC). Importance Understanding the dynamics of Earth’s ecosystem and identifying measures to sustain it for the future requires immediate action with multidisciplinary approaches. Research efforts to identify key factors…

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Projected distance from reaching selected targets by 2030 (at current trends)

Where are we with SDGs?

If we want to reach the 17 SDGs in 2030, as the UN General Assembly decided in 2015, we must know where we are regarding to the goals, and to the detailed targets, and on which trajectories we are. The report The future is now, published in september 2019 gives an evaluation. In some fields,…

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Logo SciDev

SciDev.Net Media Partner for IYBSSD 2022

The Executive Board of IYBSSD 2022 is pleased to announce the involvement of the online media SciDev.Net, which focuses on the relationships between science and sustainable development. The news section of our website will regularly (once a week hopefully) publish articles written worldwide by SciDev.Net journalists. Anyone who is interested in the contribution of science…

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A coal mine in Australia. Photo:Lock the Gate Alliance cc BY-2.0

Containing Methane and its Contribution to Global Warming

Methane is a gas that deserves more attention in the climate debate as it contributes to almost half of human-made global warming in the short-term. A new IIASA study shows that it is possible to significantly contribute to reduced global warming through the implementation of available technology that limits methane release to the atmosphere.

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SDGs interconnections

SDGs are All Interconnected

As we wrote in a previous post, we post here some content from the science report about SGDs The Future is Now. A first point made by the report may seem obvious but is worth saying again : SDGs are all interconnected. The figure that opens this post gives a summary of these interconnections, and…

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SDGs: The Science Report

In September 2019, a group of 15 independent scientists co-chaired by Peter Messerli, University of Bern, Switzerland, and Endah Murniningtyas, National Development Planning Agency, Republic of Indonesia, submitted the first scientific report about SDGs to the United Nations Secretary General. They gave this report the title The Future is Now – Science for Achieving Sustainable…

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2022: a Year to Celebrate Mineralogy

The International Mineralogical Association will celebrate mineralogy throughout the world in 2022. These celebrations will be within IYBSSD 2022. 2022 will be the bicentennial of the death of René Just Haüy (born 1743) who is a father of modern mineralogy and crystallography. 1822 is also when Haüy’s Traité de minéralogie and Traité de cristallographie were…

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Cancer Burden could Balloon in Poorest Countries

Low- and middle-income countries could see an 80 per cent rise in cancer over the next 20 years if treatment and prevention services are not stepped up, according to the latest World Cancer Report. The report, compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO), warns that cancer prevention is taking a back seat in poor countries,…

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West Africa’s First Female Astrophysicist

Last year, Marie Korsaga became the first female astrophysicist in West Africa after completing her PhD in astrophysics at South Africa’s University of Cape Town on the theme ‘The distribution of dark and visible matter in spiral and irregular galaxies’. It was the culmination of seven years of intense research. The Burkinabe says she had…

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Mathematics is Everywhere

On November 26th 2019, the 40th session of the General Conference of the UNESCO proclaimed March 14th as the International Day of Mathematics. The first official celebration will be on 14th March 2020 with the theme “Mathematics is everywhere”. The International Day of Mathematics (IDM) is a worldwide celebration. Each year on 14th March, all…

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The final declaration of the World Science Forum 2019 has been promulgated during the closing session held in the Hungarian House of Parliament. (Photo: WSF)

The World Science Forum 2019 supports IYBSSD

“We acknowledge that scientific freedom can only be respected by society if it is based on strict ethical principles. We call on the international scientific community to develop new standards for the fulfilment of academic freedom, and to create tools to describe, monitor and measure its integral conditions. We acknowledge the vital nature of curiosity-driven…

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HRH Princess Sumaya bint el Hassan at WSF 2019

Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan launches IYBSSD 2022

“What a wonderful time it is to be discussing this topic, as we celebrate the designation by the current UNESCO General Conference of 2022 as International Year of Basic Sciences for Development. Jordan was proud to champion this initiative with several partner nations, and many individuals who made this dream a reality are in this…

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