Every time researchers have pushed the energy boundary in particle physics we have found something new about our Universe. Neutrino Telescopes use neutrinos from the cosmos as excellent tools to continue this exploration.

The Pacific Ocean Neutrino Experiment (P-ONE) is a proposed initiative to construct one of the largest neutrino telescopes deep in the northern Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia. A unique aspect of P-ONE compared to existing neutrino telescope efforts is that P-ONE will be hosted and supported by existing large-scale oceanographic infrastructure, Ocean Networks Canada (ONC).

P-ONE will enhance ONC’s core facility deep-sea multidisciplinary mandate and open new horizons in oceanography and climatology, empowering research in topics such as bioluminescent activity, vertically migrating ocean animals, cyclic sea-level change, the diversity of dominant species in the deep ocean, horizontal velocity of internal waves, and others. In this talk I will discuss the current status and future plans of this multidisciplinary research with P-ONE.

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