Narendra D. Deshmukh, from HBCSE-TIFR, Mumbai and Sudhir Kumbhar, from RES, Satara, will conduct two workshops for high school students et teachers, and student-teaches and teacher educators on ‘Solutions to Plastic Pollution.’ These two sessions will be conducted in local languages.

Plastic waste exposed to the environment creates a huge problem in the modern world. Plastic pollution has become a global environmental crisis, with devastating effects on our ecosystems and human health. To address this urgent issue, it is crucial to explore and implement effective solutions which will reduce plastic waste, promote recycling, and encourage sustainable alternatives.

Most of the solutions to the problem of plastic pollution focuses on preventing improper disposal or even on limiting the use of certain problems as they are of significant concern for all life forms. To address this issue, the theme of World Environment Day 2023 has been chosen as ‘Solutions to Plastic Pollution’ which aims to ‘beat plastic pollution.’

School teachers and teacher educators play an important part in educating school students for single-use plastic as an alternative. The basic school science emphasized on pollution, waste management- sources of plastic pollution in urban & rural environments include landfilling, burying, open burning, open dumping, local waste dumping, waste imports, several methods for plastic reduction, etc. These solutions to plastic pollution highlight their significance in mitigating the problem and creating a more sustainable future. New skills, knowledge, and education can help in creating enduring solutions to plastic pollution and will develop systematic understanding and addressing sustainability challenges.

12:00 UTC, 5 June

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